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Akbal Souvenirs & Silver

A huge range of typical souvenirs - traditional Turkish culture at its very best!

Akbal Souvenirs & Silver


  • Hand-crafted, traditional Turkish pottery
  • Hand-made glass table lights and pendants
  • Traditional Turkish 'blue-eyes' (Nazar) in all sizes
  • Beautiful backgammon and chess sets
  • Men's and women's silver and fashion jewellery
  • Great-value Turkish leather bracelets
  • Typical Turkish 'water' pipes (Nargile)
  • Traditional table-cloths, cushion covers and kilims
  • Retro-style, tin wall-plaques
  • A wide range of guidebooks and maps
  • Above all a warm and hospitable welcome


Zeki Akbal the owner of Akbal Souvenirs & Silver has been welcoming discerning customers for 20 years.

Zeki prides himself on providing a knowledgeable and hospitable service to visitors looking for traditional Turkish artefacts as a memento of their visit to Turunç. Zeki speaks excellent English and is always ready to answer any questions on Turunç and Turkey.

Akbal Souvenirs & Silver is renowned for its large range of hand-crafted, traditional Turkish pottery – plates, bowls, vases and tiles.  These beautiful pieces originate from the Turkish city of Kütahya which is famous for it's brightly coloured pottery. The designs are of the Ottoman era - 16th - 18th century and they make highly desirable gifts.

Akbal also stocks a wide variety of other, typically-Turkish ornaments and souvenirs including:

  • hand-made glass table lights and light pendants in a range of designs and colours
  • traditional Turkish 'blue-eyes' (Nazar) seen all over Turkey as talismans to ward off evil spirits
  • a large collection of hand-crafted backgammon and chess sets
  • silver and fashion jewellery – rings, necklaces, bracelets – for men and women
  • typical Turkish 'water' pipes (Nargile): Zeki will blend your favourite flower-flavoured tobacco
  • traditional table-cloths, cushion covers and kilims – which make excellent gifts
  • a large selection of cigarette lighters in various designs and colours

Akbal offers a large selection of nostalgic tin signs from yesteryear. Designed with an 'aged look' or retro style, these popular wall plaques make an ideal gift.

Zeki also has a large selection of maps and guidebooks covering the Turunç area and Turkey in general. He also stocks a selection of cookery books in English, German, Dutch and Russian so that you can try out your favourite Turkish dish when you get home.

Akbal Souvenirs & Silver is easily found on the main street in the village just past the corner of the Harbour road. Akbal is open every day from April 1st through to early November from 8.30am until midnight. Zeki accepts payment in a variety of currencies and also accepts all major credit cards. Gifts can be safely wrapped for travel home or even shipped to your home by courier.

Aylin Souvenir

Opened in 2014, Zeki's "sister shop" Aylin Souvenir can be found on the road leading to the Monday Market just around the corner from Akbal Souvenirs & Silver.  Here you will find another large selection of artifacts and gifts to tempt you!



Akbal Souvenirs & Silver
Akbal Souvenirs & Silver
Akbal Souvenirs & Silver
Akbal Souvenirs & Silver
Akbal Souvenirs & Silver
Akbal Souvenirs & Silver
Akbal Souvenirs & Silver
Akbal Souvenirs & Silver
Akbal Souvenirs & Silver
Akbal Souvenirs & Silver
Akbal Souvenirs & Silver
Aylin Souvenir

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telephone +90 (0)252 476 7612
+90 (0)532 646 1458 (mobile)

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