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King Jewellery

A huge range of exquisite gold jewellery – at great prices!
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  • A family business for 30 years
  • Gold, diamond, silver, platinum & palladium items
  • 14 & 18 carat and white gold pieces
  • Wedding, engagement and eternity rings
  • Pendants, bracelets, earrings and gold watches
  • Custom designs made to order
  • Complement with precious stones of all colours
  • 925 Sterling Silver, rhodium-plated jewellery
  • ... and the amazing new Sultanite gemstone
  • Certificate of authenticity supplied
  • Special order salon for high-value pieces and diamonds
  • Old items repaired


Mr. King

Özcan Karabulut
"Mr King"

King Jewellery is a family shop and we've been doing this for over 30 years. We have grown even more and will continue to grow!  My sons have decided to accompany me on this road that I have walked for many years. Having two engineers by your side has changed so much in less than a year.

What's new?

  • We started selling on online platforms - Facebook — Etsy — Instagram
  • We have established a social media platform where we can reach more people
  • We opened ES Silver as an extension of King Jewellery at the harbour

For the past year, King Jewellery has been working to make almost every model handcrafted, and designs extraordinary models and puts them on display.

My older son Mertcan works here at King Jewellery and my younger Ömer at ES Silver.


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As you all know, Mr. King shuttles between our two shops and continues to work with his never-ending energy to do better.

We make all our products in our own workshop. We carefully select and buy our diamond stones. We use our own diamonds and gold while making our special designs. Our gold is 14 and 18 carat.

Soon, we will begin to share with you a much more diverse product range. We have just started the business of selling products online and we will do everything we can to get better at it.

  • Diamond: We have been making any design for customers for about 30 years and we will continue to make any custom design you want. There are a lot of designs that we made ourselves, if you want to buy something other than these, you just need to tell us in detail what you want. This can be a photo of a model you like or it can be a design that you have drawn with your own hand. You can determine all the details of the product you want.
  • Gold: There are hundreds of gold models that we display in our store, as well as in our bank. Although we cannot share all of these products here, we will share as much as we can with you. The gold we use is 14 and 18 carat. Just like the diamond products, we can make the same custom designs in gold.
  • Silver: Just like our gold and diamond jewellery, our products are of very high quality and are definitely not plated!

We can make diamond gold and silver in three colors - white, yellow and rose. Our products are suitable for personalisation. The length of necklaces and bracelets, as well as ring sizes, are adjustable.

We always stand behind every product we make and sell. Our products are certified. You will always be under our guarantee even if you encounter a problem many years later. If you don't like the product when you receive it, you can always return it and get your money back.

We deliver ready-made products to you very quickly. Custom orders will be made within 10 days and then sent to you.

I believe with all my heart that we will soon become one big family: keep following us and we will do great things together.

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