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Local Transport


There are several choices when it comes to independent travel in and around Turunç:

Local Bus


The Dolmuş (literally meaning "stuffed"!) is a national institution providing low-cost minibus services between and within villages, towns and cities right across Turkey.  From 2017, here in Turunç, the traditional dolmuş service and the public bus service have been merged to offer an integrated timetable and the venerable dolmuşes have been replaced with a smart new fleet.

The bus service provides an excellent way to get from Turunç to the larger centres of Içmeler and Marmaris.  The journey time from Turunç to Marmaris is about one hour.  The bus is probably the most convenient way of getting to Içmeler market on a Wednesday: it stops right at the market whereas the alternative taxi boat will drop you off at the harbour which, in the heat, is quite a walk.

The one-way fare (2019) from Turunç to Marmaris is 6.25TL.  The new 'smart' KentKart (rather like London's Oyster card) is a very convenient way of payment for bus services right across the Muğla province.  Cards can be purchased and topped up at the bus station in Marmaris, at the main bus stop near the fountains and at a small market on the junction in the other direction from the fountains (next to the corner honey shop).  Using the KentKart, the Turunç to Marmaris trip costs 5.20TL.  It seems accepted practice to share the card between two people (possibly more) - just indicate to the driver that you are going to tap it multiple times.  The Muğla Government website has a full timetable of all services across the region - you'll probably need to use Google Chrome to help with the translation.

Although official stops are marked, you can board the bus anywhere along the route simply by flagging it down and you can get off at any point by asking the driver to stop.  In Turunç, the buses travel along the main street and the most popular boarding point (and the place from which the timetable is based) is outside the Tea Garden..

In Marmaris, the bus terminus is at the main bus station (Otogar).  This is convenient for onward travel but is some way out of the town.  A convenient boarding point for your return journey to Turunç is at the new park on the site of the old Tansaş supermarket.

2019 Timetable

Note: Public bus services are highlighted in red.

Dolmus Timetable

Top Tip

Note that these are high season times when the buses run more frequently.  There will be a reduced service out of season..

Contact telephone: 0252 476 7004


Water Taxi

Water Taxi

A summer alternative to the Dolmuş for getting to Içmeler and Marmaris is the water taxi service run by the rather grandly named Turunç Leisure Boat Company : SS.Mot.Dz.Tşy.Koop. - Turunç.

The water taxi service leaves Turunç harbour every day on the hour and makes its way, sedately, past breath-taking scenery to Marmaris usually stopping briefly at Içmeler along the way.  At 20TL for a one-way trip it's a bit more expensive, and a little slower than the Dolmuş, but it's an experience not to be missed however short your stay in Turunç.

2019 Timetable

Note: As at July 2019; it would seem that additional (later) services may be available in the high season.

Water Taxi Timetable

Return trips from Marmaris operate on a similar schedule.

Top Tip

The company also operates a daily service to the quiet bays of Amos, Kumlubük and Çiftlik leaving Turunç at 10:30 and returning at 16:00 (from Çiftlik), 16:45 (Kumlubuk) and 17:00 (Amos).

Contact telephone: 0543 655 0218 / 0542 641 4070


Local Taxis

Local Taxis

Bright yellow local taxis are a common sight around the village of Turunç  Run by the local Taxi Co-operative there are now 11 in operation.  The main taxi stand is next to the Mosque but taxis can also be found at the harbour where they meet arriving taxi boats. Trips within the village cost £2-3 and the 24Km journey to Marmaris will cost about £15.

Top Tip

Need to give your taxi driver basic directions? - learn "Solsa":

  • Sol (as you would expect it to sound) = Left
  • Sağ (don't sound the ğ more like "Saa") = Right

Contact telephone: 0252 476 7121


Car Hire

Local Taxis

There are a number of agencies in Turunç where you can hire a car, jeep or moped including our featured Travel & Tours agencies.

It's a great way of exploring the area around Turunç and there are loads of ideas for places to visit in the Out & About and Further Afield sections of this website.

Typical daily car hire charges start at £30 (2014 prices).

Top Tip

Are you planning to hire a car during your visit to Turunç?  Then note that, from 8 June 2015, the paper counterpart to the photocard driving licence will not be valid and will no longer be issued by DVLA.  Instead, the new online "Share Driving Licence" service allows GB driving licence holders to share their information held at DVLA with others online while ensuring they stay in control of who sees it. You can use this service to share your driving licence information with a third party such a vehicle hire company.

The extent to which this new regime will be enforced by car hire agencies in Turkey is debatable.  Nevertheless, you should come prepared!  Visit the DVLA website, read the guide and watch the short YouTube 'how to' video.  Essentially, you go online, generate a one-time access code that you can (if requested) share with your car hire company who can then check your licence details online.

NB - the one-time code lasts for 21 days (changed from the original 72 hours after complaints!) and you will need the following details to generate it:

  •  your driving licence number
  • your National Insurance number
  • the postcode on your driving licence