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Osmaniye (Honey House)

Osmaniye (Honey House) Panorama


For most of us, Osmaniye is that little village we drive past on the road between Turunç and Bayır. Through 2011 and the early part of 2012, we might have spotted a strange building being constructed on the brow of the hill opposite the forest fire station in Osmaniye. Made up of a collection of hexagonally-shaped structures this is the brand-new Marmaris Bal Evi or 'Honey House' which officially opened on July 1st this year.

It's a simply stunning building, beautifully finished and equipped with the latest multi-lingual audio-visual technology. It tells the story of local honey production over the centuries and is well worth a visit either in its own right or as part of a longer day out. As well as the educational facilities, the Honey House centre has several children's play areas, a lovely cafe and a shop. The whole 'package' has been very tastefully put together - on a par with the best similar facilities in the UK.

Marmaris Honey House in Osmaniye - the impressive entrance
A play area for the kids!
The stylish reception desk at the Honey House
The internal decor is really tasteful
The audio visual theatre at the Marmaris Honey House
Plenty of exhibits both old and new
The beautifully laid-out garden area
Real working hives .. with real (stinging) bees!
Glorious views over the village of Osmaniye
Osmaniye has several small roadside cafes - for kahvaltı (breakfast) and other meals


At the moment we are not aware of any trips that include the Honey House as part of their itinerary but that is sure to change so do check with our Travel and Tour Agencies in the village.

The Marmaris Honey House website is excellent and features some quite amazing close up images of bees and the honey production cycle