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Dereözü Panorama


About 1 Km out of Bayır, on the road to Söğüt, a turn to the left leads to the bay at Çiftlik. It is about a 15 minute drive, through forests of pine until Çiftlik appears with its famous sandy beach and the unmistakable, privately-owned, island guarding the entrance to the bay.


Çiftlik - looking down from the road out of Bayır
Çiftlik beach in the early season
Çiftlik - the famous island in the bay
Çiftlik - high season
Çiftlik - high season
Çiftlik - summer view


Tourism facilities have developed over the last few years and Çiftlik is a popular stop for jeep safaris and daily boat tours. That means that the beach and the few local restaurants and cafes can get crowded at certain times of the day. However, by mid afternoon the crowds will usually have gone and you will be left to enjoy this beautiful bay with just a handful of knowledgeable visitors and sailors.