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Dereözü Panorama


To the west of Turunç is the small village of Dereözü (population ~100).  Dereözü nestles in a mountain valley, surrounded by natural pine forest, just off the Turunç – Marmaris road, from which it is hidden, about 15 minutes by car out of Turunç.

The village, which has been occupied for at least 2500 years, is relatively unspoilt by the arrival of tourism to the area, and it is still possible to witness traditional rural Turkish life and practices here.  The principal commercial activities are smallholder farming and bee-keeping for honey production.

There are are a number of walks within and around the village, and trails in the surrounding National Park, some gentle, some more challenging.  The area is home to a variety of wildlife and, with the right approach, it is quite possible to see wild boar, porcupines, and red squirrels.  Birds of prey are often in sight hunting over the valley, and in the early summer months it is unusual not to spot a tortoise on the move, and lizards and geckos sunning themselves.

There are no shops in Dereözü but it is possible to buy local produce (honey, herbs, fruit and olive oil) directly from the villagers at the appropriate time of year.  The one restaurant in the village, Karaboyalı, provides an excellent opportunity to sample authentic and traditional, rustic Turkish food, the ingredients of which are nearly all from the village.

Dereözü, being 450 meters up in the mountains, is several degrees cooler than Turunç, and often with a gentle cooling breeze, it can provide some respite from midsummer temperatures.  Trips to the village for small groups, for either lunch or dinner and the opportunity to explore the village, are operated throughout the summer months and details are available from Cihan Bayrı at Cihan Ocakbaşı in Turunç.


Dereözü - Typical meze at Karaboyalı restaurant<
Dereözü - traditional Turkish music
Dereözü - enjoying the tranquility and fabulous views
Dereözü - woodland walks
Dereözü - farming methods have not changed for centuries!
Dereözü - roasting meat in the traditional oven at Karaboyalı restaurant