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Kumlubuk Panorama


From Amos it is only a further 2 km to the small village of Kumlubük. The name means Sandy Bay and it has one of the largest stretches of beach on the peninsula. Currently, is a relatively undeveloped village as far as tourism goes although we understand that a Russian consortium has purchased a large area of land in the village - so make the most of these fabulous views. For now, even in high summer, there is always plenty of space on the beach. The waters are clean and clear and at the southern end of the beach there are several restaurants and cafes offering refreshments and snacks during the daytime.

Kumlubük - Typical summer scene with boats in the bay
Kumlubük - Relatively undeveloped for now!
Kumlubük - Sparkling waters in the bay
Kumlubük - Tranquil village setting
Kumlubük - Sparkling sea - even in December!
Kumlubük - Dusk in mid winter


The daily water taxi that drops off in Amos continues onto Kumlubük in the mornings and stops there on the return in the late afternoon. The daily boat tours usually call into the bay to moor and stop a while. The southern side of the bay has the cleaner waters and there is a pretty cove here where boats drop anchor for swim breaks