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Turgut Panorama

Turgut or Turgutkoy is the next small village after Orhaniye along the west coast of the Bozburun Peninsula. Set back slightly from the main road it is often bypassed by tourists. Daily village life carries on much as it has always done here, with people growing their own crops and tending their animals. There is a beach, a few simple tourist restaurants and a low-rise village hotel.  The beach is about 2 km away from the village centre.  It is a coarse and sandy with a few moorings for boats.  The sea is clear and clean and the beach never gets busy, even in the height of summer.

The nearest that most tourists come to Turgut is to visit the carpet weavers association outlet on the main road. This is probably the safest place to buy quality carpets and kilims in Turkey if you have not done it before, although you should still expect to haggle.  Prices can be anything from tens of pounds for a cotton kilim to several thousand pounds for a silk carpet. Your purchases will be shipped to your home after your holiday, with the balance paid on delivery.

The ancient city of Hygassos is located in Turgut.  Remains can be seen on the walls by the coast and on the Temenos Wall in the region of the Ygeia holy area.  Also on the way to Selale (Waterfall), about one kilometer on the right hand hill, you may see an antique structure.  Archeologists believe that the structure is a tomb of a warrior named Diyagoras belonging to the 3-4th century BC.  You may also visit Turgut Castle located on a 300 meter-high hill.   It is believed that the castle belonged to the ancient city Bybassos.  From this hill there are wondeful views of Orhaniye and Hisaronu Gulfs.

Selale is located between Bayir and Turgut.  It is signposted, on the left hand side of the road just after the carpet outlet.  Selale is a Turkish name for "waterfall" but it is not a huge one with just a 4m drop.  It is set in a a wide valley covered with forests, plants and flora.  The river water and whole area is cool, even in the heat of summer, which can be very appealing. There is a small restaurant nearby where you can taste local food especially salmon.

  • Turgut Beach
  • Selale Waterfall
  • Turgut Carpet Factory
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