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Sogut Panorama


Söğüt is located at the far end of the Bozburun Peninsula and is best reached by following the road from Bayır. Söğüt is probably the most beautiful and unspoilt village on the northern coast of the peninsula. The settlement is quite sizeable and is spread over a broad area with the biggest portion of the village based inland and surrounded by mountains. The remaining villagers live along the huge backdrop which overlooks the island in the bay. The main income for Söğüt is fishing and agriculture and at the small bay you can buy fresh lobster and fish directly from the fishermen.

The bay of Söğüt provides exceptionally calm protected waters so is popular with yacht cruises that pop into the bay during a cruise to the local Greek Islands of Symi, Tilos and Rhodes. Here they are able to stock up on supplies as well as enjoy the wide range of restaurants that dot the coastline.

The views here really are stunning. You can see the end of the Bozburun peninsula where the ancient settlement of Loryma is located, as well as the islands of Zeytin and Söğüt. In the far distance there is the Greek island of Simi. To the southwest of the village, about one kilometer away, you may see just a few remnants of the ancient city of Thyssanos.


Sögüt - Harbour and islands beyond
Sögüt - view from the Bayır road
Sögüt Harbour
Sögüt Harbour
Sögüt Harbour
Sögüt Harbour


If you do visit Söğüt, and you have an hour or two to spare, it is well worth adding in a side trip to the tiny village of Taşlica and the nearby harbour of Serçe Limanı.

Top Tip There are actually two pebbly beaches in Söğüt - Saranda and Kizilyer. They are not well signposted and I always think of them as 'left' and 'right'.  The 'left' beach (Saranda) is found by turning (left!) near the mosque, driving up a small hill, through the market area and then following the road as it drops down to the sea. There are a number of small restaurants and a small beach here.

Kizilyer, the 'right' beach, is quieter: at the mosque go straight on down the hill for about 1Km and you come to a small harbour front,  This is my personal favourite and we always spend a few hours on the small beach area at the delightful Octopus Restaurant.  This establishment caters for the yacht visitors so is a little more expensive than others but the warm welcome, great service and complete tranquility is well worth it.