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Turkey is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, with a well established tourist industry supporting it and making visiting the country easy and always enjoyable.

Turkey Map

This vast country has lots to offer for those seeking beaches, countryside, history, culture, natural wonders and cities, all bathed in plenty of sunshine from springtime right through to the autumn.  From Istanbul with its bustling city life and stunning Blue Mosque to Mount Ararat in the far east of the country, from the mountains of Cappadocia filled with its rock churches and underground cities, to the beautiful coastal destinations of the Aegean and Mediterranean with blue sea, golden beaches and a wealth of fascinating historical sights there is something for every visitor.

The Aegean and Mediterranean resorts are the most frequently visited places: no wonder as this coastline is one of spectacular beauty, opportunities for day trips are almost endless and the nightlife and entertainment are fantastic.  There are many well developed towns and resorts in the region, finding a hidden gem is not always easy, but Turunç is as close as it comes: a small village which sits at the meeting point of the Aegean and the Mediterranean seas.

Turkey Map from Google Maps

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