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Credits & Thanks

We'd like to thank all the people who have supported us over the past five years or so and, without whom, we'd have been unable to build and populate this website.


Thank you all for trusting us to represent your business and for your continued support - we wish you every success.

Visitors and Followers

We really appreciate your support.  We know that many of you are "serial" vistors to the website and our Facebook page.  A website without visitors is pretty pointless so thanks for visiting, please keep coming back, and please tell all your friends.


There is far too much information in this site for us to source alone.  We are hugely indebted to everyone who has generously provided us with words and pictures to re-use.  There are far to many to mention by name - so thank you all so much.

And a special huge thank-you to our mystery diarist - "Gossip Girl" - who has provided winter monthly updates every month for the past five years which have kept all of us in touch with Turunç. She's amazing!

Friends of my Turunç

Finally, to our "FOMT Focus Group" ... 9 special friends who worked with us, over a three month period,  during the winter of 2014-15 on a major redesign of this website.

Anne, Cinta, Libby, Liz, Maria, Lea, Rosie, Steve and Teresa - you have been awesome!: we couldn't have done it without you.


Hugh & Kaz