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Walking Tour of Turunç

During my two week stay at the Turunç Resort Hotel, my favourite part of the day was when I would walk round in the evening pushing my son in his pram. I would get to practice my Turkish as I spoke to the friendly people who worked in the shops, restaurants and hotels and I would enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains and sea.

The walk in this video was a rare daytime walk but it was getting to the end of the holiday and I wanted to capture the atmosphere.

We start at the Turunç Resort Hotel, make our way around the the cliffs and past the docked taxi boats. We go past the ice cream stall where the store owner does the funny ice cream tricks opposite where the boats all come in to visit Turunç for the afternoon.

We then get to the shops selling all of the “genuine fake” designer goods, they are always friendly. Around the corner are some lovely gift shops with yet more friendly people working there. We were always made to feel welcome wherever we went.

Walking up the Main Street over the bridge we see travel agents, cash machines and the chemist. A right turn takes us under some shelter out of the sun for a cool break before opening out to another amazing view of the sea. The walk along the promenade towards the boats takes us past lots of restaurants serving fresh fish and their beaches looking out to the beautiful sea.

I wanted to capture this walk because I went on it so many times and I know when I watch this back in future I will be right back there.

Paul Seal (June 2022)