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Our wedding in Turunç


A few years ago my partner, son and myself hired a speedboat from the Marmaris Palace and headed off along the coast.  Past Içmeler and we came across Turunç, it looked lovely.

A couple of years ago we decided to search for a holiday in Turunç and we found The Turunç Hotel.  We stayed there in October 2012 and loved every minute of the holiday.  We really enjoyed walking in to Turunç on an evening, it was so relaxing and hassle free and the people were lovely.

Last year my partner and myself decided to get married - we planned a return to The Hotel Turunç with a view to having a beach wedding/blessing then marry officially once we returned to the UK.  We booked the holiday and messaged the Hotel!  To cut a long story short we had an amazing beach blessing at The Hotel Turunç, the service was conducted by the animation team manager who dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow and came to the beach on a boat!  We had our stag and hen nights in Turunç itself, visiting the various bars.  A waiter from the Hotel (Huseyin Gunaydin) recommended we hold our wedding reception at Çardak Restaurant - Ali the owner and the staff were amazing and they even let fireworks off for us after the meal.  We then headed off to some bars in Turunç, finishing off in Bros Bar.  There were 11 of us and we had a fantastic time. The owner of Bros Bar was convinced my brother and myself were the pop group 'Right Said Fred' so we said we were!

We love Turunç and the Hotel Turunç.  My advice to anyone staying at the Hotel Turunç is to enjoy the all-inclusive deal but head out in to the village and eat and drink locally; it is very good value and the local people are lovely.  I can sum up how nice Turunç is by my observation that when bars close on an evening some of them just pull a plastic sheet down across the front of the bar to 'lock up'.  I don't know many places where you can do that!

Thank you to everyone in Turunç for making us all feel so welcome.


Pete and Leah Holmes, York, UK