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Turunç Diary - November 2010

The end of season coincided as it usually does with Republic Day (29th October).

The local school celebrated Republic Day at the harbour with songs and tales of how modern day Turkey came to be.


Republic Day
Republic Day
Republic Day - Local dignitaries and proud parents
Turunç Sunshine - looking over the village from the Amos road
Turunç Sunshine - not quite deserted beach
Turunç Sunshine - looking towards the harbour
Boats out of the water for the winter
Kurban Bayram festival
Kurban Bayram festival


The Habit Bar put on an end of season BBQ with soup and mezes and this was well attended. Fortunately the weather forgot it was the end of season and , as you can see from the pictures below, the first two weeks in November were glorious with the few remaining tourists enjoying the sun and sea.

In the meantime the boats have started to come out the water and some of the block paviers for new roads have been moved into position.

16th November saw the beginning of Kurban Bayram (the sacrifice festival) with a feeding of the 5,000 on the 17th. There was a good turn out for goat stew, rice and salad (courtesy of Belediye) and some impromptu dancing.

Events this month included the usual Wednesday night darts in Pasha's Restaurant, a quiz night and a treasure hunt on the 21st of the month.

On the mountain road there are red numbers appearing in various places, trees, rocks and walls - RUMOUR has it that the road will be widened in these places. Watch this space.

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