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Turunç Diary - February 2011

On Tuesday 8th the US aircraft carrier USS Enterprise docked in Marmaris amidst tight security.

 A 2.5km perimeter was set up around the world's first nuclear-powered supercarrier as two Turkish coastguards patrolled the bay. She is nicknamed the Big E and measures 342 metres. She has a displacement of 94,781 tons and ranks as the 11th heaviest of the US Navy. Allegedly if you put your name down at the Port Authority you could be taken aboard for a tour but with the security measures present....


USS Enterprise visits Marmaris
USS Enterprise visits Marmaris
Tree felling on the mountain road
Tree felling on one of the smaller, unpaved roads in the village
'Candy Floss' adorns the trees as the Pine Processionary Caterpillar builds its cocoon


Weather-wise, February has been a bit on the wet side with some gale force winds on the night of the 18th.

There has been an outbreak of "goat" flu in the village this month: lots of chesty coughs that are difficult to get rid of and several people have been taken to hospital.

There has been a lot of tree felling at the top of the mountain. It looks quite devastating but I am sure it won't be long before they start growing again.  Some trees have also been felled down one of the lanes.  Is this for when the road is done? Let's hope its soon.

February also sees the return of the "candy-floss" to the trees. The Pine Processionary Caterpillar builds these cocoons, which can hold up to 300 caterpillars, in the pine trees on which it feeds. They will start to hatch in March/April and they can be found travelling head-to-toe across the road. The tiny hairs can cause quite an allergic reaction to the skin if you come into contact with them.

On a final note, the internet cafe opposite Tapas Mapas has closed.

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