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Turunç Diary - March 2011

Too late for the February edition saw the opening of Gunnaz Can's library in memory of Serkan and Nur.

Gunnaz is hoping Turkish and English alike will come to borrow books or just pop in for a çay.  Gunnaz is situated between Musti Restaurant and John and Elif Restaurant. (Ed: Gunnaz has also written two really fascinating books about her life in Turunç; do try and pick up a copy when you visit).


Gunnaz Can at her new library
Gunnaz' Library in memory of Serkan and Nur
Spring flowers on the promenade
New sun terrace at the side of the Han restaurant
New flower shop
New awning outside the bakery on the 'back road'
Gifts shops already open for early visitors
Reconstruction of the river wall nears completion
Accommodation for Turunc Hotel staff - looks like lots more work remains!
Blocks and boats - which will move first?
Turunç Women's Platform - afternoon party
Pine Processionary Caterpillar - now even more of the b*****s!


Lots of work is going on in the village at the moment.  The side of the Han has had a bit of a makeover with the addition of a flashy beach bar sign and a sun terrace.  The internet cafe and photographer (Mustafa) which was opposite Tapas Mapas had closed and has now re-opened next to Tapas Mapas along with a flower shop.  Tapas Mapas itself is being repainted and hopes to open on 1st April.  Also the bakers alongside Pasha's has had a canopy installed.

Some gift shops are already open!  The new river wall has been completed and you can see the new Turunç workers accommodation nearing completion.  It's a shame that, at the time of writing, work hasn't started on the new roads yet; will this happen before the start of season?

On Saturday 26th there was a party held by the Turunc Women's Platform. There was dancing, cakes and çay and everyone had a good time. (Ed: you can read more about this in the Turunc Women's Platform feature).

The procession caterpillars mentioned last month have begun to hatch.

Well, we all thought spring had come early this year, what with the flowers out and strawberries in the market, when all of a sudden winter returned.  Fortunately we only suffered a few cold days and nights and didn't have a blanket of white stuff that others had, even as far south as Antalya!  Temperatures soon returned to normal and bare arms and legs were soon spotted around the village

Dedikodu Kız