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Turunç Diary - April 2011

Friday 1st April was quite memorable for two things.

Firstly we had an earthquake followed by an "Is it an April Fool's joke or not" moment.  For those that are interested, it was announced that the residency fees had been slashed and a one year residency can now be purchased for £48.


Hard at work on the new road near to the old bakery
The other end of the new road closer to the village
Turunç Harbour - busy again for the new season
The Palette Bar gets a makeover for the new holiday season
The Bros Bar - an addition for 2011
It's early in the year - but the beach still attracts visitors
Lizard - or is it salamander?
Tame squirrel
Baby tortoise
Children's Day in Turunç - school children parade down the main street
Children's Day in Turunç - dancing at the harbour
Children's Day in Turunç - dancing at the harbour
Easter Sunday - the group sets off to walk up Palamut mountain
Easter Sunday - is this our lunch?
Easter Sunday - the spectacular view of Turunç from the top of Palamut mountain
Culture in Turunç - the visit of the French Kent Armoni Orchestra of Forbach
The Kent Armoni Orchestra playing at the harbour


Work has finally started on the new road but at the time of writing will it be finished?

The Palette Bar has had a makeover, as has Musti Restaurant. There is a new bar - Bros - which has opened opposite the Habit and Cihan (Habit Bar) has taken over the DreamBoys!  Most of the boats are in the water now with a few trips already taking place.

It seems that Turunç is starting the season early with restaurants, bars and shops opening for the early visitors, some welcome and some not! ......

The 23rd of April was the 91st anniversary of Turkey's first parliament and a day that the founder of the modern nation, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, dedicated to children of the country  Officially "National Sovereignty and Children's day" - it is more commonly called "Children's Day" and is the culmination of a week of festivities aimed specifically at youngsters.

The children from the school march to the harbour whereupon each class puts on a show.  It is also a time when the powers-that-be hand over the reins to the powers-that-will-be.  The prime minister, the president, provincial governors and cabinet members all give up their chairs — for a short while at least — so the youth of today can reveal their ideas on how things should be run.  Maybe other countries can learn from this!

On 24th April (Easter Sunday) a small group from the Habit Bar went on a bus ride/walk to Palamut Mountain. This is where the masts are that can be seen from the village.  A great day out which was followed by a goat barbecue lunch at Dereozou village.

On Thursday 28th April there was an evening convert by the Kent Armoni Orchestra from Forbach: a mining town in NE France.  The music was similar to our colliery bands and there is a small clip on the myTurunc YouTube site.

Finally, the Royal Wedding was shown in Pasha and Sahin restaurants and the Nu Bambu Bar and tonight (April 30th) is the grand opening of the Green Garden Apartments and is expected to be well attended.

Dedikodu Kız