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Turunç Diary - November 2011

Well the summer season may have ended but thankfully the weather didn't.

Other than a couple of rainy days in the middle of the month the weather has been warm and sunny but sometimes there is a chill in the air which is only to be expected.  The boats are now out of the water and occupying the car park.  If you are ever here early November it is well worth watching.


Looking down the near-deserted main street on a beautifully sunny day
Boats at rest in one of the village car-parks
.. wonder if they charge them by the day?
Getting the boats out of the water - stage 1: line up!
.. stage 2 - almost there
.. and off we go to our winter home: be careful not to hit anyone!
Olive picking - great skill involved (maybe)
.. or just a long stick and brute force!
Ihsan's new project - the Green Island hotel: ready for next season?
Marmaris Tansaş is no more!
Marmaris Tansaş - now how will we give visitors directions?; no point saying 'stand outside Tansaş'!
Marmaris Tansaş - plans for a very attractive park area
Habit Too - Cihan admiring his new ocakbasi
Habit Too - the ocakbasi chef hard at work
Habit Too - looking good!


Kurban Bayram passed very quietly compared to last year where there was a feast laid on by the Belediye.  Olive picking (or should I say bashing the tree with a large stick!) has started.  Work has started on the Green Island Hotel.  Ihsan (Best Jewellery) hopes to have this open next season.

Further afield demolition work has begun on the Tansaş store in Marmaris.  Plans for the park area look very impressive.

Despite Habit Too being open for most of the summer, Cihan held a grand opening to celebrate the installation of his Ocakbasi (indoor bbq).  This was very well attended and we wish him all the best in his new venture.

Mehmet Gokman has taken over the old Habit which will be renamed Meydan.  We wish him every success.

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