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Turunç Diary - January 2012

Well, out with the old and in with the new.

While some residents went into Marmaris for dinner and dancing, New Years Eve in Turunç kicked off with some people going to Körfez and others to Habit Too.  Those in Körfez found out what a Scotsman wears under his kilt!  Celebrations continued into the small hours at Nu Bambu and Meydan.


Shaking it up!
I always wondered how they kept warm ...
Deserted Turunç beach on a beautiful New Year's Day
'Unforgettable' - the new cafe/bar in the village
New village hardware store
Working on Turunç Yacht Club - Health & Safety nowhere to be seen!
Building work in Marmaris continues apace
Marmaris' new Tansaş store taking shape
As one gets built another gets demolished in Marmaris - this little cafe was a favourite
Spectacular winter storm over Marmaris ...
... and the subsequent rainbow over Turunç
Let's hope she/he makes it out before the deluge of water arrives


There is a small cafe/bar opened opposite Tapas Mapas called Unforgettable and a DIY shop has taken the premises next door to Pasha.  Rumour has it (well, this is Turunç!) that someone is looking to open a butcher's shop ... fingers crossed on that one.  The Yacht Club is undergoing some major refurbishment with plans for a nightclub, party dining and a çay garden.

Further afield Marmaris is undergoing a lot of building work.  The area in front of Tansaş is like a building site with holes appearing everywhere and the tea/coffee house on the corner by the taxi rank has been demolished.  Work is also being done to the seafront/Atatürk area and work also continues on the rumoured new Tansaş store and it looks like this will be open by the start of the season. The store is situated on the site of the old car park opposite the Siemens electric shop.

Despite New Year's Day being bright and sunny the weather generally has been rather wet with some spectacular storms raging round the mountains.  Fortunately we haven't had the flooding that occurred in February 2010 and thank goodness the donkey managed to get out before the river started filling up!

Dedikodu Kız