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Turunç Diary - February 2012

Well February has been a right mix of weather.

It started very wet with a storm that ripped up the harbour, dumped a fridge in the river and left us without electric for hours. We then had some lovely early spring weather before being hit with another storm warning - fingers crossed it doesn't happen as repair works have already started.


Storm damage at Turunç Harbour
Strage objects floating in the river! - and look at those waves in the background
Storm damage near the Tea Garden in Turunç
The 'new' Yacht Club in Turunç
The 'new' Yacht Club in Turunç - an impressive location
The 'old' Yacht Club in Turunç - typically just dumped .. outside Begonvilla Apatrments this time
The Citrus Restaurant is to become a clothes shop!
The Ozcan Hotel gets a make-over!
The Minem Restaurant rises again after last year's tragic fire - good luck Vedat .. can't wait to revisit!
'Unforgettables' - Turunç's newest café/bar
'Unforgettables' cosy interior and friendly hosts
'Unforgettables' - some familiar faces
Turunç Ladies Group - making that famous Turunç marmalade
Turunç Ladies Group - working and socialising
Turunç Ladies Group marmalade - make sure you buy some when you visit: it's delicious and you'll be supporting a great cause


Turunc School was in desperate need of having their photocopier repaired so a fund raising evening was organised.  Habit Too hosted the night and Aytul, Mabel and Margaret donated and cooked the food and provided the waitress service.  There was a raffle which was donated by Fiona and a massive 880 lira was raised on the night.

As well as the usual darts and quiz nights in Pasha there has been Wii fit two mornings a week for anyone that wants to attend.

Debbie and Steve Tyler have started a "Start-a-Heart" fund which is running from Pasha Restaurant.  They aim to raise 3000 lira to buy a defibrilator and are halfway there already!  This is thanks to some very generous donations and some fund raising activities.  This will be an essential piece of equipment in the village.  Apparently it is very easy to use and, with some training,  everyone who has been to the first aid day will be able to use it.  We hope to have more information on this in the March/end of winter report. Building work continues (as always).

The new Yacht Club is coming along well as is the old yacht club - ha ha.

The Citrus Restaurant has closed and will be opening as a clothes shop! The Ozcan Hotel has lost its yellow and green awnings and is being replaced with some swanky tiling.  Work has also started on the Minem Restaurant which was so sadly destroyed by fire in a lightning strike last year.

Some well known village residents visited the 'new' cafe in Turunç.  It's called 'Unforgettables Cafe & Bar' and is run by brother and sister, Baha & Meral.  It has a number of comfy sofas on which to relax whilst enjoying a coffee, a hot chocolate or some other refreshment.  A selection of 50's hits for background music gives the cafe a nice friendly atmosphere.

The Turunç Kadın Platformu (Ladies Group), are funding Scholarship bursaries for 15 girls from the village.  The ladies have been busy the past few weeks making Turunç reçel (Orange jam), to sell in their charity shop during the summer season.   True to Turkish tradition, this is a social occasion with lots of talking and eating!  Unlike Marmalade which uses orange peel, Turunç reçel is made with only the pith, the rest of the orange and peel is discarded.  Next time you visit Turunç why not pop along to the Kadın Platformu shop and get a jar?  It really is delious and it makes a great gift to take back to family or friends. 

Dedikodu Kız

With special thanks this month for guest contributions from Jobey & Lea Butt