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Turunç Diary - March 2012

After a cold and damp winter (some people are saying the coldest for 30 years!) ...

 ... let's hope summer has arrived.

The third week of March has seen some glorious early sunshine with temperatures in the mid to high 20's.  I think because it has been so cold and damp, the Pine Processionary Caterpillars were later than usual this year. But their candy-floss cocoons could be seen on quite a few of the pine trees late in the month.


Turunç Mosque in spring sunshine
Beautiful harbour view
Pine Processionary Caterpillar
Harbour work - getting underway
Harbour work - making good progress
Harbour work almost completed and restaurant and boat trip boards already out
Amphitheatre at Turunç Hotel - the Romans didn't have it this easy!
Özcan Hotel - freshened up for 2012
Green Island Hotel - amazing transformation
Marmaris work continues - looking from Ataturk statue towards old Tansaş
Marmaris work continues - looking from from Deniz Bank towards the new Tansaş
Marmaris work continues - the old Tansaş where you can see shuttering for the new fountain
International Women's Day
International Women's Day
International Women's Day - Gunnaz Can
Work begins on the new river footbridge
The new river footbridge and its viewing gallery (can't imagine how we lived without that!)
The new river footbridge completed


Work continues around the village and the harbour repaving was complete by the end of March.  Early visitors are arriving and the Çardak and Han Restaurants are open for business and Fidan and Surmen won't be far behind.

The new amphitheatre at Turunç Hotel is coming along as is the terracing for the new tea garden at the Yacht Club.  Apparently some details of the amphitheatre will be copied from the ruins at Amos. Work at the new Green Island Hotel continues and the scaffolding is now down at the Özcan Hotel.

Marmaris is still looking a little worse for wear with work still to be done to the new Tansaş and surrounding roads and the new park.

March 8th was International Woman's Day.  As is usual here, a celebration was held at the Ataturk statue.  This year’s attendance was greater than normal for whatever reason. Gunnaz, one of the village ladies, was presented with a special certificate.  This was in recognition of her achievements of going to university - what we would call a mature student - and also her work in the village, which includes setting up a small library where Turkish and English visitors are always welcome.

The old metal bridge over the river has made way for this more traditional wooden one, complete with viewing platform midway.

To help raise funds for the welfare of the Turunç Cats Lea Butt organised a 'day out' for small group to Fethiye (fantastic panorama below by Jobey Butt)

Fethiye Panorama


Turunc Cats logo

Turunç Cats is a group of British, Turkish, German and Dutch residents working together for the good of animals in Turunç. Their work is funded by selling paperback – mainly English – at a stall on the weekly Monday Market in Turunç and currently also have a charity shop in the town to raise money for neutering and feeding.

You can show your support for their excellent work by visiting their FaceBook page and by contributing on your next visit.

Dedikodu Kız

With special thanks this month for guest contributions from Jobey & Lea Butt