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Turunç Diary - November 2012

Well the season has come to a close once again and the boats are out of the water.

The weather has been really good but, as November draws to a close, heavy rain and winds are about with some severe weather forecast for early December.

What with a few trembles last week life couldn't be more exciting!! lol.

The mountain road was started early November though I don't suppose the first people over it were too impressed with tar halfway up their cars!  But it's finished now and - although not brilliant - it's a vast improvement.


Turunc - November 2012


Pasha Restaurant is open as per usual and running quiz and darts nights.   Also the Han Restaurant has had two successful BBQ evenings and Musti Restaurant was fully booked for a curry night with more Friday night specials planned.   Unfogettables ran an American Thanksgiving evening which was very well attended.

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