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Turunç Diary - December 2013

Happy New Year - Mutlü Yıllar- from Turunç.

Hope you all had a good Christmas and it wasn't ruined for you with the bad weather and lack of electricity. With the exception of a storm here on 28th, where nothing but a dog with crossed legs would drag you out, the Christmas week weather has been lovely.

New Year parties were held in Pasha, Lale Restaurant and Fidan's Habit, where a live band kept the revelers going till the early hours and a great time was had by all.


New Year's celebrations at Pasha restaurant ...
... and at Lale Motel
Building continues at the new Turunç Hotel ...
... on what is a pretty large plot of beachfront land
The old Scala Hotel at the back of the village finally gets some TLC
More building opposite the Village Bar
More building opposite the Village Bar
New apartments above the clothes shop next to the Tea Garden
Looks like Körfez Restaurant is extending its apartments ...
... yet more apartments above the T-shirt shops on
... and still more at the back of the village
Paradise Pide is moving ...
... to (wait for it) ...
... across the street! into the previous Bros Bar premises!


As for other news in the village......somebody must know something with the amount of building work going on!

Work is continuing on the new Turunç Hotel though the footprint is looking larger than the 12 bedroom boutique hotel that was rumoured.  The old Scala hotel - near Green Garden - has been bought and is currently being redeveloped.

Building work has started opposite the Village Bar, watch this space for further news.  Apartments are also being built above the clothes shop by the Tea Garden.

Elsewhere, Körfez looks like they are adding apartments on top of the kitchen area and apartments are also being finished above the T-shirt shops on the way to the harbour.

Ali from Paradise is moving over the road into the old Bros Bar and there is still no news on the rumoured BIM supermarket occupation of the Turkish baths in the Meril Hotel

There is a strong rumour that Turkish Airlines will start flying throughout the winter from the UK direct to Dalaman, will keep you posted on this.

The exchange rate at the moment is excellent.   In Marmaris you may be able to get as much as 3.50+!

Dedikodu Kız