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Turunç Diary - February 2014

We can tell summer is on the way ...

... as thanks to Thomas Cook, who started flights early this year - 12 February from Gatwick with some bargain prices - the tourists have started to arrive.  And they have been very lucky with some lovely sunny days and warm temperatures.


New apartments near Donatella Villa at the back of the village
Scala apartments get a makeover ...
not before time!
New apartments opposite the Village Bar - with a (small) pool
New apartments near the Tea Garden look just about finished
Work above the Çardak Restaurant - probably a terrace rather than more apartments
The new 'boutique' hotel (alledgedly to be called Lotus) - only 150 rooms!
Work continues at the Özcan hotel in the main street
The area around the former Samyeli Cafe now cleared
The village festooned with flags of the rival political parties - CHP (left) and AKP (right) - ahead of the upcoming elections
AKP rally in Sögüt
CHP rally in Turunç - current village Mayor Ali Fuat Fidan on the platform
Valentine's Night at Pasha Restaurant
'Murder Mystery' evening at Musti Restaurant - L to R ... Hazel Bush, Dec O'rator, Eve Hoe, Livinia Tip and Ali Money
Landslide prevention works in Marmaris
New village square in Içmeler almost complete


Building work continues throughout the village - apartments at the back of the village near Donatella Villa are continuing, the Scala has had a repaint and is hoping to be open for business this year

Apartments near the Village Bar, the Tea Garden and above Körfez are also nearing completion.  What I thought last month to be apartments above the Çardak is now looking like a roof terrace!  Watch this space for further confirmation.

Concrete continues to be poured into the new Turunç Hotel - I have been told it will be called The Lotus with no more than 150 rooms!  So much for the boutique hotel that was rumoured.  They will open 2015.  The Özcan Hotel is continuing with its refurbishment, the Pelin Hotel is now Zeus and Amos Villas are now Alya Villas.  The area that was Samyeli cafe has been repaved and now looks more open.   Unsure if the green hut in the background of the photo will become another cafe or if it is just biding its time!

The CHP and AK parties are busy canvassing for the forthcoming elections at the end of March.

A Valentine's dinner and dance was held in Pasha Restaurant while a murder mystery occurred in Musti Restaurant!!!

There is a strong rumour that a well known person in the village is taking over the old Paradise site (next to Meydan bar) with a view to opening an Ocakbaşı!  Confirmation to follow.

Further afield Içmeler / Marmaris Belediye (town council) are taking no chances on further landslides and the square development in Içmeler is finally finished

Exchange rates continue to hold steady at 3.65-3.7.

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