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Turunç Diary - March 2014

Well March is upon us ...

 ... and a sure sign that spring has arrived is that the boats are going back in the water, the first boat trip has taken place, there is a strong smell of orange blossom in the air and a thick covering of yellow pine pollen everywhere.  


Time to get the boats back into the water
The 'support crew' in evidence
Gently does it ...
... almost there ...
and here we are - ready for the summer season
One of the first boat trips of 2014
Two new furry additions to the village population
Spring sunshine at Turunç harbour
A 'twister' - far out at sea
Turkish cooking evening ...
... maybe not as easy as it looks! ...
But the results look delicious
The new market area ...
... and kiddies playground
Sadly, the cat charity shop in the village has been forced to close its doors
Work continues on the new Turunç hotel
Work continues on the new Turunç hotel
Refurbishment of the Scala apartments seem close to completion
The Surmen restaurant gets a new roof ...
... so does the Village Bar
The new Ocakbaşı on the site of the former Paradise Pide establishment


Two kids (of the furry kind) were born at the beginning of the month under the watchful eye of Kameron and his grandmother.  With the exception of a far sighted twister the weather has been glorious.

Gunnaz Can and friends treated some interested parties to an evening of Turkish cooking in the Serkan & Nur Kütüphanesi (Library) in the village (which was featured in the March 2011 Diary).

The Monday market is getting ready to move to its new home opposite Begonvilla Apartments - should be in the next few weeks - and a kiddies playground has also been installed.  The cat shop has been forced to close its doors on Monday 31st due to the landlord wanting a rental income.  I'm unsure at the moment if new premises are being looked into or whether it may just be books at the market hereafter.

Work continues around the village.  The new Turunç Hotel is rising rapidly, La Scala is nearing completion, the Village Bar now sports a roof and side wall, Surmen are installing a new roof and the new occupier of the old Paradise Pide shop is Ibo from Pasha Restaurant who will open an Ocakbaşı (grill restaurant).


Election Promise

Local elections took place on Sunday 30th with the most promising of election promises being a new road from Dalaman to Marmaris!  Let's wait and see on this one.

As regards the election, as you may or may not know, Turunç will now come under Marmaris but I have been informed that an office will still be here for paying local taxes.


Many thanks again for any photos that I've used from other sources in the village.

Dedikodu Kız