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Turunç Diary - November 2014

Well, apart from a few thunderstorms early on, what a fantastic November weather-wise.

Anyone would think it was warming up for summer if not for the fact that Kipa has Christmas decorations in and I heard John Lennon's Merry Christmas, War is Over on the radio yesterday!


Looking towards the sea from the bridge on the main street
A near-deserted main street on a beautifully sunny day
A view down the beach from the north end of the village
Work on the new hotel goes on - rendering of the outside starts
An imposing presence at the top of the main street ...
... and across the bay looking towards Turunç
The new Physkos villas at the back of the village
Pontoon under construction for the Turunç Hotel
Pontoon under construction for the Turunç Hotel
Signs for cycling routes appear on the peninsular
Boats in their usual winter home
Olive-picking time
Musti Restaurant's Halloween party ...
... makes the local paper!
The new Cihan's Habit bar/restaurant


Just as the season was coming to a close work started again on the new hotel and it is mind boggling how far they have come in just six weeks.  Not only is the new block up but they are starting to render the outside and have made way for the new entrance. I think it will look quite spectacular once it is finished.

Work has also started on the new villas for Physkos at the back of the village.   Turunç Hotel is having a pontoon installed for sun loungers.

Signs have been appearing at most junctions on the peninsular showing cycling routes. (We will try and find out what the numbers relate to and let you know!). As usual at the end of the season the boats came out and took up their winter residence in the car park. It is also time for olive picking though it really looks like olive bashing and back breaking work.

Musti Restaurant finished the season with a Halloween party with 98% of attendees dressing up.  It even made the Marmaris local paper.  Musical bars has started already with Cihan Bayri taking up residence in the old Baha Restaurant, opposite Tapas Mapas.  I believe it is called Cihan's Habit.

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