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Turunç Diary - January 2015

Well so much for the New Years Eve weather putting off the revellers!

New Year's Eve 2014 - all set up at Fidan Cafe Bar
New Year's Eve 2014 - sparklers at Bob's Bar
New Year's Eve 2014 - Meydan Bar packed out
New Year's Eve 2014 - Meydan Bar packed out
Work continues on the new hotel
Renovations begin at Pasha Restaurant
Tenting now removed from Paradise Pide
Tenting now removed from Musti Restaurant
Tenting now removed from Ibo Ocakbaşı
Mysterious red signs which have appeared over the winter
Signs for the Carian (walking) trail
View of Turunç bay on a gloriously sunny day
One day it's warm enough to swim
... and then, temperatures fall well below freezing!
Gale force winds wash a yellow buoy ashore<


Fidans had around 50 in for dinner, Pasha's had the usual dinner and karaoke and there was drinking and dancing till late in Bobs Bar and Meydan.

Work continues on the new hotel but the major topic of conversation this month relates to last seasons rumours about tenting and roofs.  The zabitas from Marmaris have been round the village and all tenting has had to come down.  This has affected Pasha, Tapas Mapas, Ibo, Paradise Pide, Elif and Musti Restaurants.  News is still awaited about the roofs.  They are allowed half glass with some plastic above for the winter. Pasha's have removed theirs and have started renovations but the weather has been so bad I've been unable to get out to take photographs.  Meydan Bar is also undergoing major rebuilding to coincide with the new regulations. You will have to wait till next month for the big reveal!

You may remember in November's update I mentioned some red signposts that have been appearing.  Still no solid information about them but the yellow signs relate to the Carian Trail which is aimed at walkers.  More information can be obtained on the website

Weather wise its been pretty wet.  We've had all kinds - warm enough for some visitors to take to the sea. Temperatures of -6 early morning with just a dusting of snow in Mugla! Gale force winds strong enough to wash a yellow buoy ashore and this last week has been non-stop torrential rain and thunderstorms with more predicted for early February.

Roll on summer.

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