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Turunç Diary - February 2015

Welcome to yet another wet month.

The weather has been so bad I've not been out taking many photos so thank you in advance to all those that have as I've "borrowed" them for this months update.

Wild weather at Turunç beach
Wild weather at Turunç beach
A waterfall at the back of the village
The new hotel finally looks close to being finished
The new hotel finally looks close to being finished
Waves from the builders at the new hotel
Alpina Real Estate has left the village ...
... and relocated to Marmaris
New windows at Pasha Restaurant
Changes undweway at Tapas Mapas
Even bigger changes at Meydan Bar ...
... but Mehmet looks completely unfazed!


The first storm blew in on the 2nd and we've had a few more since then. Gale force winds, rain, rain and then some more even creating a bit of a waterfall at the back of the Palms. Still the frogs are enjoying all this water as sometimes it is impossible to sleep with all the mating calls going on.

Work continues, as always, on the new hotel with rumours abound that the first guests are arriving 28th April!

Alpina Emlak has closed shop and moved to Marmaris.

The biggest news this month though is the inability of restaurant/bar owners to get anything in writing from Marmaris Belediye regarding the new regulations. Glass must be this size one minute then changed the next. Tapas Mapas have had their doors done only to be told they are not "regulation" and Pasha has had to remove the plastic above the glass only to replace it with some electronically operated system. Meydan bar has undergone renovations as well to comply.

And, check out this short video ... few of you will have seen Turunç beach quite like this!


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