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Turunç Diary - March 2016

Well this is the final diary before the start of season: let's hope it's a good one for all businesses.

It's been a fairly quiet month.  The new road around the Turunç Premier hotel is complete now and its almost finished heading down towards Yalı Restaurant.  Outside the Yalı this month, the lovely seating area on the beach has been demolished.  Is this a refurbishment or on the alleged orders of Muğla Council?  We will have to see on that one.


New road heading down towards Yalı Restaurant
Internet cable laying across the beach
Looking back up from the beach outside Yalı Restaurant
Cable-laying ship in Turunç Bay
Internet cable laying across the beach
The lovely seating area on the beach outside Yalı has been demolished
Some shops already open - hoping to get some early business
Early season visitors walk along Turunç harbour
New villas being built on the mountain above Turunç
Major changes at Körfez Restaurant - almost done
Smart new road into the village
Changeable weather - Snow - February 24th 2009
Changeable weather - Floods - February 24th 2010
Changeable weather - Sunshine - February 24th 2016


The early part of the month saw the beach being dug up to enable a new fibre optic internet cable to be run with the ship dragging it to who knows where.

A few tourists and day boats started arriving over the Easter holidays with some shops opening hoping to get some early business.

Work has finished now at Körfez Restaurant with some sliding doors for early and late season.

Further up the mountain there is yet more building going on with what looks like two villas.

Other than that the weather continues to hold though I wouldn't like you to think that it is all sweetness in the winter months. To show how fickle the weather can be here are some photos taken on 24th February several years apart


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