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Turunç Diary - November 2016

My first entry as the new "Dedikodu Kız" follows a difficult tourist season here in Turunç.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word
RIP Roka - you gave us such pleasure in your short life
Kurban Bayram week.  This is what we like to see in Turunç!
And everything stops for çay!  a great place in Turunç to chill and relax
New visitors this year - our turtle family
Every woman should have one - full-face masks are de rigueur
Shutting up for the winter along Marmaris Alley
New this season - great location at the far end of the seafront from the harbour
New Physkos block completed for this season - stunning!
Land for sale - watch this space!
The new road -eventually paving the way for the future?
This house certainly has the wow factor.  Completed this year.  Opposite the Village Bar.
How well do you know Turunç?
Sponsored walk to Kumlubük in aid of village school
Deserted main street


"Sorry we are closed" was a common sign in Turunç this year due to the media coverage of events in Turkey and the consequential effect on tourism.  Many hotels, restaurants and other businesses had closed by the end of September including Meril, Eden, Es, Şen, Turunç Hotel and Ozçan; the Turunç Premium Hotel never opened.  Also it was Elif John's last season at his restaurant.  I don't know whether he will be returning next year to a different location. He will be missed. A traditional Turkish coffee house will be opening there shortly which is exciting too.

There was a late burst of activity in September when the village was swamped with Turkish visitors celebrating the extended Kurban Bayram holiday.  September also saw the loss of one of the village's most popular personalities:  Musti's dog Roka was like an extra crew member on his popular boat trips.  He gave many of us so much pleasure and will be sorely missed.

September must be called "The Month of the Turtle" in the Turunç calendar. There were at least eight turtles sighted, predominantly in front of the Yali restaurant, (in the sea, not lounging about on the sunbeds), the largest of which was 1.5 metres in length.  Apparently turtles return to their place of birth/ hatching every 35 years.  Anyone around Turunç in 1981?  And, of course, there was the must have head gear if you choose to shell out on one.  A very exciting time indeed.

This has been a 'long hot summer', from June through to the middle of September when it eventually cooled down to the high 20s in the shade. October 31st saw the first proper steady rain and the temperature fell to 19 degrees and was my first duvet night.  The cooler daytime weather has provided the opportunity for leisurely exploring the village and surrounding area and discovering some of the changes that have taken place over the summer.  For anyone contemplating a late holiday to Turunç, I can certainly recommend October!

The village school PTA held a couple of successful fundraising events in October: a Quiz night held at Musti Restaurant on the theme "How well do you know Turunç?" raised nearly 1,400TL and the annual sponsored walk later in the month raised an amazing 5,700TL for school funds - well done!

Here's wishing you an early Happy Christmas - see you in 2017!


Dedikodu Kız