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Turunç Diary - February 2017

Happy belated New Year - where have those two months gone?

Oh buoy - washed up in a storm
The boulder has landed!
Our intrepid cyclists enjoying a well deserved meal
So welcoming - Yalı restaurant
The mountain road complete with yellow lines
A new residence along the old market road....
Shutting up for the winter along Marmaris Alley
Apartments next to Jasmin Villas
Apartments behind Turunç BBQ Restaurant
Complex next to the market
Tables outside Korfez Restaurant
Spring blooms
<em>My</em> Turunç...


You may have noticed there was no January diary. This was because there was little to report.

It was extremely cold with many rainy, windy grey days. There was a even sprinkling of snow on the mountain and a landslide on the back road in Turunç. Luckily no one was bowled over. A flu like bug also swept through the village.

However the exchange rate was certainly in our favour.

And on an inspiring note, our three intrepid cyclists Martin, John and Graham cycled here from Antalya despite the weather! It took them four days.

Then the sun came out in February - glorious bright sunshine and blue skies accompanied by a chilly breeze.

The mountain road, bar 3 kilometres (your guess is as good as mine), was completed and we have yellow lines too!

Building work has stepped up after the bad January weather and the wild flowers are springing into bloom. It's a grand time of year. And the turtles are still in the bay.

Then there is the Turunç Premium Hotel, will it open or not, that is the question! There are so many rumours.

Until next time, spread the word....Turunç.


Dedikodu Kız

PS Don't forget to enter the postcard competition being run by this website. All proceeds from the printed cards will be donated to the Village School. More details on the my Turunç Facebook page.