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Turunç Diary - March 2017


You can feel the crispness in the air with this photo
Turunç waterfall walk
Makeover at Green Garden Apartments
At cross roads to the market, shops with apartments above are rumoured - watch this space!
Körfez restaurant
Tapas Mapas trying something new this season
And the breakfast which raised 1400TL for the school
Familiar faces
Enjoying the evening sun
There's a boat coming in
My Turunç!


March has seen it's share of lion and lamb weather with a bit of grizzly bear thrown in too! The first week was beautiful followed by torrential rain, wind and thunder, (you could have white-water rafted down the storm drains!). Then the sun put its hat on and came out to play but the accompanying wind was very cold. The last week was almost summer-like, with a few holiday makers braving the sea. However March stormed out in spectacular style taking much of the pollen with it thankfully - it gets everywhere! The evenings are pulling out too, getting dark around 7.30pm. And remember, the time difference now is two hours again.

The original Phykos villas have had guests since the beginning of the month (they have been spotted around the village!) Several business are open too - it's quite an exciting time and daily boat trips are anchoring up in the harbour already.

Building work is in overdrive, in an effort to get as much completed before the building season ends and the last stretch of the mountain road is finished. Our local friends are cultivating their land - you can practically see the crops growing.

Marmaris now has many new road surfaces and flower beds. New classy apartment blocks are springing up in every available plot of land and many hotels and sea front restaurants are having a makeover. It really looks grand.

Now all you have to do is book your flights and get over here to experience it for yourselves. Simon says "Turunç beckons...."



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