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Turunç Diary - November 2017


Early one morning, just as the sun was rising
The usual winter work on the boats
Winter sunshine, puffy clouds and a deserted beach
Will or won't it open?
Now you see it ...
... now you don't ...
... and three weeks later!
Villa behind Köşem BBQ Restaurant now completed
The car park - watch this space
Great exchange rate - for visitors!


How is it possible that November is upon us again? Another season over with a mix of busy and not so busy times.

We have been blessed with wonderful weather up until the second half of November. People have been in the sea and the turtles have been around too. It is obviously colder in the evenings but we can live with that. We have experienced our first proper grown up thunderstorms. Of course these sparked off electric cuts (one of which happened just when they were about to announce the couple to be voted off SCD!!����)

It is so quiet in the village but there is always somewhere open where you can eat, drink and be merry, including Pasha, Musti, Tapas Mapas, Yalı, Frankie's and the Bistro. The tea garden is always open for business as is the Turkish Cultural cafe. New Zumba and Pilates classes are about to step into action and there are opportunities to attend Turkish lessons too.

Building work has started once again. They certainly make hay while the sun shines here and actually rain doesn't stop play either.

We hope that those of you who were fortunate enough to visit Turunç this year had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you and many more of you, next year. And what about the exchange rate at the moment? - excellent for the British but not good for the Turkish economy.

Until next year then, spread the word Turunç - My Turunç. Happy Christmas ����



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