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Turunç Diary - April 2018


Sitting on the corner , watching all the girls go by
Early season bargains for everyone
The boat people
 I hope your boat comes in this summer!
Here we go again
Another place to people watch
Children's day at the local school - so patriotic ...
... it was a lovely, happy, musical event
Just a nice view
And another one
A view of Turunç from a different location
Ready and waiting


'Sumer is icumen in loudly sing cuckoo' ... as the traditional (13th Century) English ditty goes.

It's only April and it's hot, hot, hot! 35 degrees in the shade and 27 degrees in the pool.

Daily boat trips are arriving from Marmaris, our local favourites are also up and sailing, the shops are open and many restaurants are in business already. Can restaurant has expanded, the Mermaid has undergone major refurbishment and Kavala has been renamed Güneş.

People are in the sea! Is it really only April?

Turunç is ready and waiting, the exchange rate is currently 5.5 and these photos should hopefully whet your appetite.




Dedikodu Kız