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Turunç Diary - November 2018


Annual Halloween party at Musti Restaurant
Annual Halloween party at Musti Restaurant
Tables and chairs set up outside Çinar Restaurant
Wedding band warming up
Outside Çinar Restaurant on wedding night
Orçun Can - the proud groom
Congratulations to the happy couple - Orçun & Kate Can
Diplomat Hotel - refurbishment work starts
Han Restaurant - refurbishment work
Han Restaurant - refurbishment work
Han Restaurant - refurbishment work
Han Restaurant - from the sea side - some weeks later
New chemist for the village
Serious pruning of trees in the Tea Garden
Rain, rain and more rain
Storm damage to boats in Marmaris


You know the season has come to a close with certain things happening - darts and quiz nights in Pasha Restaurant, the annual Halloween party in Musti Restaurant and the weddings and building works start.

First off the block was Kismet from Çinar Restaurant. The music started at lunchtime with the street closed off and wedding festivities continued into the night.  Next came Orçun and Kate from Can Restaurant closely followed by Furkan Karaca.

The building works started around the village including a refurbishment of the Diplomat Hotel (behind the M48 Bar) and major redevelopment of the Han. No new building works at present.

It appears we are getting another chemist in the village.  This is opposite the tea garden which was getting a tree trim.

Weather-wise it was lovely until the second week in November and then it rained, and rained and rained again with a spectacular tornado/water spout in Marmaris marina which did quite a bit of damage to some of the boats.




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