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Turunç Diary - April 2019


Oh dear! - ‘it was there from Monday to Saturday’
Local election rally at the Tea Garden
The old Kavala hotel would you believe!
Photo taken 18 March ‘you’re doing a grand job my dear’!
Turunç Hotel - work in progress
No words needed 😊
Men at work - all of them!
How does your garden grow?  This photo was taken 20 April!
There’s a boat coming in!
Busy busy harbour day
Helping out on Children’s Day
Children’s Day at the school - so patriotic, a beautiful occasion
The new look Pices restaurant
Han Restaurant, a cocktail bar and the Pices restaurant - I think!
Tidied up for the season, this is the building where the cat shop was
First Pirate boat I spotted 24 March
Marmaris castle museum, well worth visiting
Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!
Our new look village bakery - nice buns!


Last April was hot hot hot, this year it’s been wet wet wet!

We have experienced massive thunder and hail storms, high winds, beautiful sunny days, cool breezes and cold evenings. And don’t mention the pollen! But things can only get better 😎.

Turunç is waking up slowly, due to the inclement weather. The village started to come out of hibernation during the last week in March and it made my heart smile.

Many boats delayed launching however and the new sea defences in front of Fidan Restaurant have been washed away - twice, unsurprisingly. Fortunately the Marmaris boats have made daily appearances and a few brave souls have ventured into the sea.

Some restaurants and shops haven’t opened yet but I know the village will miraculously come together and burst into life overnight; Amazingly it always does.

For your information, the annual inflation rate here is currently 19.71% - it was 25.24% in October 2018 - and the exchange rate is around 7.5 to the pound at the present time. Last April it was 5.5. I’ll let you do the maths.

Well that’s it for now and for all of you who are lucky enough to be holidaying in Turunç this year, Hoş Geldiniz and I’ll let the photos do the talking.

Very best wishes from Turunç.



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