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Turunç Diary - June 2019


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Today (June 1st 2019) was the big clean-up of the Turunç to Kumlubük road.

This was an idea proposed and arranged by Annette Van de Wal.  A call went out for volunteers to help with picking up the Turunç to Kumlubük roadside rubbish.  Annette organised us into 2 man/women teams and each team was allocated a small stretch of the road. We were dropped off at various points by Amanda Kartel's driver Veli. (Amanda of 'Destination Turunç', had kindly lent us a coach and Veli for the occasion). We then proceeded to fill our bags - which had been supplied by Mehmet Fidan - with any rubbish we could find.

What surprised me was the amount of rubbish we found. The stuff you see from your car as you drive past is only about 10% of the stuff that is actually there.

Ben Van de Wal kept us supplied with empty plastic bags when needed and took the full ones away.  At one point the local Jandarma turned up and we thought we were going to be arrested for stealing rubbish!

After a couple of hours, the job was done and we all retired to the Fidan Bar for a well earned drink. All the bags – 21 – were dropped off at the Turunç Belediyesi building.

The people taking part were:

  • Annette Van de Wal
  • Ben Van de Wal
  • Angel Harjani
  • Mehmet Fidan
  • Alicia Dilara Fidan
  • Karen Middleton
  • Lea Butt
  • Jobey Butt
  • Heather Daly
  • Kieran Daly


Jobey Butt