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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Over the five years that this website has been running, we've received dozens of questions for information about Turunç.

We've collected these into this new FAQ page and - with the help of our expert panel - we've tried to answer these as accurately and honestly as possible.

If your question is not covered in the list below - or if you think you can improve the answer we have given - please let us know:

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The holiday 'season' in Turunc runs from mid' April through mid' October; outside of these months, the village is much quieter.

Most restaurants and bars close. A handful do stay open throughout the winter although their opening days and/or times may be restricted. There are a few social events run throughout winter e.g. darts, quiz at one or more of these establishments.

The taxi boats stop running and the Dolmuş services to and from Marmaris are less frequent and the service stops in the early evening.

Most shops also close but the main supermarkets - Migros and Şok remain open.

Turunç Sağlık Clinic offers private medical facilities to residents and visitors: Dr. Berrin Balcı provides a year-round service. In addition, the pharmacy remains open most days.

Limited tours and car hire services are available through agencies in Mamaris; car hire can also be pre-booked at Dalaman airport.

Turunç is very mild in winter, offers great holiday weather in spring and autumn but can be very hot in July and August when temperatures can reach the mid 40s centigrade. Dehydration can be a big problem for visitors during these months, so please take adequate precautions.

Between May and September it almost never rains! Turunç is surrounded by mountains which retain the heat and make the water temperature very comfortable.

April and October are generally mild. During the day it is generally warm and sunny but there is often rain on some days for a short while. Nights can be chilly.

Even the months of January, February, March, November and December have quite mild weather however heavy rains and storms can occur but don’t last long. The nights are usually chilly but there is rarely a frost.

You can find more detailed information on Turunç weather - air temperatures, rainfall, water temperatures and hours of sunshine - on the Holiday Weather website.

You will get a better exchange rate in the village (in Turkey in general). So, take GBP with you (or EUR if you are coming from outside the UK) and change when you get there.

There are no banks or dedicated currency exchange outlets in Turunç: but you do not need to go into Marmaris or Içmeler to exchange money. Many of the establishments in the village - restaurants, bars, travel agencies and jewellers - offer foreign exchange at good rates: check around for the best deals. The village PTT (Post Office) is also very competitive.

It's worth noting that payment in GBP, EUR and USD is widely accepted in the village but, of course, the exchange rate you obtain will be set by the establishment you are visiting.

Under no circumstances should you change money in the arrivals hall at Dalaman airport - the exchange rates are very poor.

You may wish to take a small amount of Turkish currency (no more than 50-100TL) with you in case you need a drink or snack between the airport and the village but if you offer a £10 note in such circumstances you would probably get by.

There are several ATM Machines in the village but you will need to check with your bank what charges you will incur for cash withdrawals. If you are considering this option, do check out the Money Saving Expert website for tips and guidance. Many ATMs give you a choice of currency withdrawal - TRY, GBP, EUR & USD.

The two small supermarkets in the village (Şok & Migros) as well as the Pharmacy stock baby food but the choice is rather limited – just a few jars of a couple of different varieties. Even in Marmaris there isn't much more choice as people living here tend to make their own. You can also get most brands of baby milk such as SMA and Aptamil and the two supermarkets also stock nappies.

As well as cars and scooters, Star Rent-a-Car hires quad bikes and pedal bikes. Their current leaflet has pedal bikes - and they had about 8 on display last time I looked. They also offer mountain-bikes and 'racers' with drop-handlebars. They are on the main street next to Homes etc. which is the main Estate Agency in the village. Contact details:

The travel agencies in the village are also likely to be able to organise scooter, bicycle, wheelchair and mobility scooter hire. Check out our featured advertisers Destination Turunç, Green Idyma Travel and JM Travel.

In previous years, the pharmacy also had a wheelchair that could be hired.

The beach itself is a really enjoyable experience in Turunç. Sunbeds are available free of charge on the public beach. The beach areas in front of the two Turunç hotel complexes are private and are only for hotel guests: these areas are clearly marked.

The restaurant and bar owners have to pay the village council for the sun beds on their beach area. So, although the sunbeds are free, you are expected to buy your drinks and/or meals from them to cover their costs.

There are a limited number of shower/changing facilities on the beach itself; alternatively many of the restaurants and bars have their own facilities that you may use whilst on their part of the beach.

Some limited water sports activities are available in the village: you can hire speed boats for a half or full day and jet skis for 10-30 minutes. Other activities include banana, ringo rides, parasailing and water ski-ing.

For those people who would like to go scuba diving there are no longer any diving boats based in Turunç harbour. However trips can be organised through one of the tour operators in the village or, if you are in Marmaris, there are many diving trips available along the promenade leading from the Ataturk statue up to the marina.