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Behind this website ...

Glen & Hugh Korfz June 2010

The idea for this website started off - as all the best ideas do - over a drink!

Although in this case it was nothing more exciting than a cup of coffee!

It was about 11pm on a hot June night in 2010 and we were enjoying a late coffee at Körfez restaurant ...


A young man approached us (clutching some papers) and asked if we were Hugh & Glenda.  When we owned up, he called across his girlfriend and they introduced themselves as Stuart and Charlotte

They thanked us for our "tourist website" which they said was the best resource they had found to research out Turunç before their holiday.   The papers which they were carrying around were actually printouts from this website which they were using as a sort of tourist guide.

Stuart & Charlotte June 2010

What they had stumbled across was our personal website - something that was never intended to be anything more than a helpful guide for the occasional visitors to our apartment.

Real Turunc banner


While we were flattered by their comments, it was quite unnerving that our personal observations about ... which restaurants we liked, which tours we recommended, etc. were being used as some sort of authorative guide to Turunç.

And so, the idea for my Turunç was born!: an impartial online tourist guide partly funded (and I mean a small part!) by paid advertising.  Development is shared between Hugh & Karen Evans - aka kazarooony webdesign. was launched in late 2010 and has now grown to around 150 pages with a monthly count in the holiday season approaching 10,000 unique visitors and an active Facebook following of over 1300 members.  Winter 2014-15 saw us launch the third version of the website - providing the same content in a 'mobile-friendly' format.

It's been great fun to do - and we still have loads of ideas for things to incorporate.  Thanks to everyone who has helped and encouraged us and please give us your feedback when you have a minute by e-mailing us at

Hugh & Kaz