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Turunç History

Old Turunc Panorama

Beginnings of the village

Turunç is believed to have been in existence as a village for just over 100 years.  It takes its name from the citrus fruits that at one time covered the village (Turunç literally means "bitter orange") and which are thought to have been introduced to the area from the nearby Greek island of Rhodes.  Turunç was originally based around five families - Can, Çelik, Demir, Gökce and Zeybek - names which you will find throughout the village to this day.

The start of tourism

It is generally accepted that tourism in Turunç began in the 1970s - a time when the village had no power, no running water and no roads.  Facilities for the few intrepid tourists who did visit were basic since boats were the only means of transport for tourists and supplies.  In the early days there were just a handful of local restaurants serving simple fare - the Han restaurant (shown in the Gallery below) being one of these.

In the early 1980s, Turunç started to develop into the resort that we know today.  Development of holiday accommodation started, electricity and running water came to the village along with a new mosque, primary school and new roads.


Many thanks to Terry Abbott, Teresa Cottle, Ünat Demir, Aysel & Bülent Genç and Carol Hull for providing these pictures and for the detective work involved in dating and placing them.

  • Opening of mountain road to Turunç (1969)
  • Turunç Beach - Looking south towards the Mosque (1976)
  • Turunç Beach - Looking west towards the Han restaurant (1976)
	Turunç Beach - close-up view of the Han restaurant (1976)
  • Postcard view of Turunç (1978)
  • Beach below Mavi Deniz, Iffett Hotel top left & Amos Bar in centre (1993)
  • Beach view from Mavi Deniz (1993)
  • Street market in Turunç (1993)
  • Beach view showing back of Arcade (now Körfez) Restaurant (1993)
  • Turunç beach from Mavi Deniz end (1995)
  • Water taxi jetties pre-harbour (1995)
  • View from Turunç harbour (1995)
  • Main street outside Diplomat Hotel (1995)
  • Turunç beach (1996)
  • Looking down into Turunç village (1996)
  • Shady view out into Turunç bay (1997)
  • Near Fidan Bar (1997?)
  • Fidan Bar (circa 2000)
  • Village fields (circa 2000)
  • Turunç from the air (date uncertain)
  • Looking down into Turunç village (date uncertain)
  • Fast food in Turunç already! (date uncertain)
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  • Enjoying boat trips (date uncertain
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