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Learn some Turkish!


It's always good to be able to speak a little of the language of the country you're visiting.

In Turunç, basic English is widely-spoken but even so, the locals will really appreciate it if you make an effort to say a few simple Turkish words and phrases.  As you travel out into the surrounding villages it can be really useful to be able to have a simple conversation.

So here are a handful of the most useful things to be able to say:


English Turkish Listen!
Hello Merhaba
Good morning Günaydın
Good evening Iyi akşamlar
Good night Iyi geceler
See you later! Sonra görüşürüz!
See you next year Seneye görüsürüz
How are you? Nasılsınız
I'm fine, thank you Iyiyim teşekkür ederim
Please Lütfen
Thanks Teşekkürler
Yes Evet
No Hayır
You're welcome (literally "not at all") Bir şey değil
OK Tamam
Maybe Belki
Later Sonra
What is your name? Adınız ne?
My name is…... Benim adım…....
I'm pleased to meet you Memnun oldum
Water Su
Tea Çay
Coffee Kahve
Milk Süt
Sugar Şeker
Beer Bira
Wine Şarap
Enjoy your meal Afiyet olsun
Very tasty (compliment after a meal) Çok lezzetli
Welcome Hosgeldiniz
Welcome yourself (typical response) Hoşbulduk
(I) do not understand Anlamadım
The bill please Hesap lütfen
Cheers! Şerefe