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Guide - Introduction

This website does not set out to be a comprehensive guide to Turkey.  There are some excellent online resources available on this fabulous country and some of these are listed in the Information section.

However, we want your stay in to be as enjoyable as possible.  So in this area of the site, we've tried to bring together all the information we can about the village of Turunç and the surrounding area.

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The pages on Turkey and Turunç Today are 'scene setters' to introduce this vast country and the small corner where you can find this fabulous village.

The village hasn't always been a holiday destination so do take a look at Turunç History for some fascinating early pictures.

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Getting to Turunç today is very straightforward.

In the Getting There page we provide information about flights, transfers and entry requirements which should be especially helpful for first-time visitors.

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The village itself is a delight - there are many Things to Enjoy and Local Transport makes getting about very easy.

Turunç and the surrounding area is a great place for kids and families.

The Marmaris Tourist Information office have given us permission to publish this recent brochure. Written for kids and beautifully illustrated it's also a great read for all ages.

You may be able to find printed copies in the village but they are certainly available in Marmaris.

Flip through the brochure by clicking the image or you can download the full version (it's large so make sure you have a good internet speed - or a bit of patience.

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One of the really exasperating things about visiting somewhere new can be the time and effort it takes to locate those essentials of everyday life - even when you are on holiday: where's the Post Office?, the cash-point?, what time do the buses run?

The Useful Information page and Village Map should prove helpful in answering most questions vistors will have.

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Turunç is a great place to enjoy a really relaxing holiday.

Indeed, you may enjoy the village so much that you spend all your time here. 

But, if you do decide to venture out, there are some delightful bays and villages on the Bozburun peninsula - all easily reached on a day trip. 

The Out & About section provides details on these hidden treasures and the Further Afield section gives information on some places to visit a little further away.

Village Life

It would be wrong to view Turunç  just as a holiday resort: there is a real, vibrant village here.

Check out the Village Life page for a sense of the 'real' Turunç.

Turunc Diary

Finally, for a somewhat irreverent perspective, please do browse the Turunç Diary from our mystery correspondent "Dedikodu Kız".

Now in its 11th year and still going strong.

Please support the businesses who have taken out advertisements in the Directory section: and please tell them that you found them through myTurunç.com.

If we have missed anything - quite possible - or got something wrong, then please mail us at and let us know.