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Turunç Women's Platform (Turunç Kadın Platformu)

Turunç Women's Platform

Turunç Kadin Platformu is a Turkish ladies organization, affiliated by the local council (Belediye), which works to help the women and children of Turunç and surrounding villages.

The group started its activities in 2006 as a subgroup of the City Council.  Its aims are; to identify social, cultural and economic needs of women and families living in Turunç, to create solidarity between women and to find resources for local projects.

Residents of the village can support the group's work by joining the regular fund-raising outings that the group organises.

Holidaymakers can add their support by visiting the group's shop near the bridge on the main street where they will find new handicrafts and second-hand items.  Turunç Kadin Platformu also has a stall on the pedestrian footpath at the side of the Tea Garden selling local handcrafts to raise funds.