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Oscar Souvenir Gift Shop

A stunning range of Turkish souvenirs and gifts from the region of Cappadocia


  • Traditional, hand-made Cappadocian products
  • A wide selection of beautiful cashmere pashminas
  • Cushions, throws, bed covers in authentic designs
  • Ceramics – bowls, plates of all sizes
  • Traditional Cappadocian Nomad hats and tops
  • Stunning mosaics lamps and light pendants
  • Turkish tea sets
  • Water pipes and flavoured tobaccos
  • Belly dancing costumes - all colours and sizes
  • A range of Ottoman table lamps including water-drop and walking-stick shapes and 'multi-dream' pattern


Oscar Souvenir Gift Shop

Ömer Doğan (known to everyone as “Oscar”) moved to Turunç from his native Cappadocia in 1992. Having worked in the travel industry for a number of years, Oscar opened his Souvenir Gift Shop in 2007. Since then he has been amazing visitors with a huge range of traditional Turkish gifts from his native region.

Each winter, Oscar makes the long journey home to select next season's range. He visits individual craftsmen and women in their homes where they create these wonderful products - much as they have always done - for us to enjoy.

Oscar Souvenir Gift Shop has a large range of beautiful, authentic, Turkish products including:

  • cushion covers and throws in authentic Cappadocian colours and designs
  • traditional bed covers
  • Turkish bags – again in traditional designs
  • a beautiful range of fine cashmere pashminas in a wide range of colours and designs
  • Turkish ceramics – bowls and plates – of all sizes and colours
  • traditional Turkish clothes – trousers, tops and the unique Cappadocian Nomad hat and poncho which Oscar is often seen 'modeling'
  • Turkish tea sets
  • a large range of handmade, glass lamps, table lamps and pendants including some amazing 5, 7 and even 9 bowl pendants in beautiful mosaic designs
  • candle light holders in a huge range of colours and designs
  • typical Turkish 'water' pipes (Nargile): with a range of flavoured tobaccos

Popular products include Ottoman table and bottle lamps and some simply stunning 3, 5 and even 15 bowl ceiling lamps. Do get Oscar to tell you the history of the Hurrem design table lamp - Hurrem (or Roxelana) was the wife of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and a powerful (and controversial) figure in her own right.  Oscar also has a range of traditional Turkish cushions and new designs of "şalvar" - traditional Turkish baggy trousers which are always very fashionable, new pashmina designs, coffee & tea sets, clocks and leather bracelets.

New products for this season include:

  • bamboo carpets (from Bursa) various sizes - small (£10), medium (£25), large 100*60 (£35)
  • new colour and design scarves
  • cotton bed-covers (235cm by 210cm) - Turkish people sleep on these in summer appreciating their coolness
  • Turunç fridge magnets
  • bracelets & necklaces featuring the "lucky" Turkish blue eye - great for kids

Oscar Souvenir Gift Shop is centrally located on the main street in the village between the corner of the harbour road and the river bridge. Oscar is open every day from early April through to end October from 8.30am until midnight. Oscar accepts payment in a variety of currencies and also accepts all major credit cards. Gifts can be safely wrapped for travel home.


Contact Details

telephone +90 (0)535 438 5387
telephone +90 (0)252 476 7637

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