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Hisarönu Panorama

Do not confuse this village with the other, neon-lit, Hisarönu near Fethiye.  This Hisarönu is a lovely little village which nestles at the foot of the mountains and spreads out towards the shore.

It is the first place you come across as you turn off the main Datça-Marmaris road onto the Bozburun peninsula.  The village looks out over the two coves of Hisarönu Bay and it’s about as traditional as it gets.

  • Hisarönu - Vista
  • Hisarönu - Shoreline in early Spring
  • Hisarönu - Shoreline in early Spring
  • Hisarönu - Castle ruins
  • Hisarönu - Beachfront at dusk
  • Hisarönu - Beach at sunset - some people still swimming!
Hisarönu - Vista1 Hisarönu - Shoreline in early Spring2 Hisarönu - Shoreline in early Spring3 Hisarönu - Castle ruins4 Hisarönu - Beachfront at dusk5 Hisarönu - Beach at sunset - some people still swimming!6

Hisarönu has several restaurants and bars and a couple of mini-markets where you can stock up on essentials. The village is also home to one of the few horse-riding establishments in this area. There is a wide sandy beach backed by shady pine trees. There is almost always a refreshing breeze so you don’t have to swelter when you sunbathe.  The water never duck-pond-still, which makes Hisarönu a popular choice for windsurfing and sailing and there is an excellent school in the village.

Between Hisarönu and Orhaniye there are a number of smaller coves, some with beach clubs, where you can spend a relaxing few hours sipping a cool refreshing drink as you soak up the stunning scenery and enjoy the peace