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Orhaniye is a lovely small resort on the western side of the Bozburun Peninsula.  Orhaniye well known amongst the boating fraternity as it is home to Marti (Turkish for seagull) Marina.  This is the largest marina outside of Marmaris on the Bozburun Peninsula, and is home to many private yachts as the area has some of the best sailing in the whole of the Mediterranean.

Orhaniye is split into two: the valley of Keçibükü and the houses and restaurants that straggle the road to Bozburun.  The village extends inland for 2 km and consists of huddles of houses separated by open land.  The pretty bay of Orhaniye contains an island with picturesque castle ruins: it is believed that the castle belongs to the ancient city of Bybassos.

  • Orhaniye - Marti Marina
  • Orhaniye - looking inland
  • Orhaniye - trip boats
  • Orhaniye - the story of Kizkumu
  • Orhaniye - walking on water!
  • Orhaniye - the famous sand bar
Orhaniye - Marti Marina
					1 Orhaniye - looking inland
					2 Orhaniye - trip boats
					3 Orhaniye - the story of Kizkumu
					4 Orhaniye - walking on water!
					5 Orhaniye - the famous sand bar

Orhaniye's claim to fame is the 600 metre long sand spit called "Kizkumu" - "Maiden's Beach".  According to the legend, the daughter of the Bybassos King, a beautiful princess, went into the sea to escape from pirates. As she didn't know how to swim, she filled her skirt with sand, cast this before her so she could walk on it, and tried to cross the cove. She lost her way when it got dark, and as she neared the far shore, she ran out of sand, and was tragically drowned.

The remnants of her sand pathway can still be seen. It is possible to walk out along the sand bar, whilst wading in water that is only just above your ankles. From the shore, you will appear to be “walking on water”.

Top Tip About half-way along the flat beachfront road at Orhaniye there is a turining to the right which will take you to Kaptanköy Motel Restaurant. The sign is easily missed so look carefully - and don't be put off by the scruffy track. This beach club is well worth a visit. Beautiful gardens, quiet beach, plenty of shade - even hammocks. A great place to spend a few hours or even a whole day!