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Selimiye Panorama

Selimiye village has an enviable location and from the ancient hill terraces there are fabulous uninterrupted sea views. The village closely follows the long wide beach front and a small headland separates the main part of the village from a small bay. This bay has a lovely sandy beach with a long low rake into the sea, which makes it perfect for small children, as they can safely splash around in the shallows.

The main, large, open bay forms the perfect natural harbour, as its entrance is protected by several islands, which form natural wave breaks in stormy weather. It is a popular overnight stop for sailors and most of the tourists that come to Selimiye are from the sailing fraternity.

  • Selimiye Vista
  • Selimiye Viillage
  • In the shade on the shoreline at Selimiye
  • Selimiye - boats on the shoreline
  • Selimiye Village
  • Selimiye - view across the harbour
Selimiye Vista1 Selimiye Village2 In the shade on the shoreline at Selimiye3 Selimiye - boats on the shoreline4 Selimiye Village5 Selimiye - view across tha harbour6

The indigenous people of the Bozburun peninsula are known as Yörüks. The Yörüks have always farmed the natural resources of the area. They traded especially in almonds and olives, which proliferate on the terraces and groves that pattern the hill and mountain slopes. Today in Selimiye, the villagers supplement their income by fishing in the fertile waters of the Aegean. Traditional gulets are also built here in small boatyards along the sea shore. There are a few pansiyons or guest houses and a little hotel.

The site that Selimiye occupies today has been continuously inhabited since the times of the Byzantine Empire. There are several castle remains in the surrounding area, one of which dates from this period of its history. After this, it came under the occupancy of the Greeks and was then called Losta. The two other castle ruins are from these times. In the Middle Ages, a fort was built on top of an ancient acropolis.