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Horse Riding

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We had a fantastic time in Turunç. We got home on Thursday and already wanting to go back. We did the horse safari, it was fab, we booked it through June at J&M Travel.

We got picked up at the hotel at 8.45 and were taken to Icemeler and transferred on to a minibus and picked up more people. There were three guys from the horse safari on our bus and the banter was flying. On the way to the stables the Jeep Safari passed us and the horse safari guys soaked them out the window then soaked everyone on our bus: we found this hilarious and we welcomed the soaking as it was a very hot day.

We got to the stables and we got lockers to keep our belongings in, there were hats supplied but not proper riding hats, ones for adults and cycling helmets for kids. There were showers, toilets, a shop selling snacks, drinks, ice cream and the photo booths to see your pictures and videos they take on the safari.

We got taken to the stables and got a quick talk about the rules, and how to manage the horse. We were taken through the river, woods, meadows and then through a deeper river. It was really nice, the only thing is that the horses will trot whether you like it or not! The guys who run it shout to keep the horses going so, if there is a space in front of you, the horse automatically trots to keep up. This was not a problem for us but for first-timers it's an experience - hahaha!

We rode for about an hour then came back to the base, freshened up and looked at our pictures. We bought ours at 100TL which we though was quite steep but it was nice to have them - see the album below. We got the minibus back to Icemeler then car to Turunç., we paid £20 per person or 150 tl, we thought it was good value for money and would definitely do it again.