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A Trip to Aydın

Aydın Panorama

A trip to Aydın you may well ask; why?  Coarse fishing being the answer.

John Charlesworth and I are keen coarse fishermen and now the end of season gives us lots of spare time we thought, after the normal Meydan Friday boys night out and half a dozen Efes’s, that it was a good idea to start exploring the local possibilities.

Unfortunately on this occasion neither of us thought to take a camera which is a shame!

We know about Köyceğiz, carp fishing country, our next scouting trip.  There is some YouTube video if you want to look it up.

A little homework was done insofar as using Google Earth to try to pin point likely spots but general consensus was cruise around and try to spot rivers and lakes and talk to locals.

We set off at 9.30 over the now new beach dual carriageway over the mountain to Marmaris and on to Muğla.  If anybody has not done this trip, go on a Thursday to Muğla market.  The ride alone is worth the trip with the most stunning views of Akayaka and the Köyceğiz valley.  There is a bus available from Marmaris and the dolmus from Turunç will drop you at the otogar (bus station).  The ride through the countryside on this day was perfect, clear skies sun shining and as usual nothing on the road.

After passing through Yatağan .. the cheapeast place in S.W. Turkey to buy property (probably due to the power station) .. the countryside changes to some really weird rock formations.  This was formed in the distant past when this area was beneath the sea and to see the slices in the sandstone and hollowed out rocks like giant empty eggs is well worth a look.  Personally I thought it could be used in some scenes from Star Wars.

We stopped for coffee just before Çine spoke with owner who told us about the DSI dam.   Five kilometers past Çine on the right hand side there is a massive earthwork with DSI (State Water Company) block paved into the side, a small narrow road leads around the side, follow for a couple of kilometers and this massive natural reservoir comes into view.

Aydın Resevior

The panorama is stunning, and what struck me and John was the quietness of the place.  We parked up and wandered round and straightaway this is the place to be for lake fishing with clear water and fish swells all over and not an angler in site.   Mr. Woodall please take note.  John and I were of the opinion that during the summer months this area was used for sun bathing and swimming and really does look inviting. 

As time was getting on we decided to lunch and have a wander round Aydın which was a further 20k and I’m pleased we did.  A bustling town with a population of 166,000 much larger than Muğla with palm tree boulevards with the palms draped in red evergreen climbing ivy, looking like a row of 20m Christmas trees.  At the end of the main road the pedestrian paved area with great shopping, cafes and street vendors.

On the way back we did find a river but not very picturesque but we were in luck coming back down the mountain from Muğla with the sun low and glinting off the sea in Akayaka bay: stunning.

Next trip is planned north of Muğla, keep you posted, and we will take a camera.!