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Mountain Walk to Içmeler

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I am back home and back to normal after a wonderful three weeks in Turkey.  I managed to find the trail from Turunç to Içmeler and did the walk both ways.  Here is a brief description of the route with photos attached.

I  caught the first Dolmus to Turunç at 8:00 am and got off at the Loryma Hotel.  I walked through the complex passing the tennis courts and walked to the main start of the path about 50m from a villa called Lavanta.  A large tree with a red stripe marks the start.

Cross the ditch and follow the path with views of Turunç on your right untill you come to the red dots that will lead you through the forest and up the mountain to the first ridge.  Follow the Red, White or Green markers and you will eventually come to the top giving you wonderful views across the sea.  The path will drop down quite rapidly through the trees and will eventually come out into an opening: it is from here that the unfinished hotel can be seen.  The path now climbs to the second ridge, zig-zagging quite steeply.  I found this part of the walk the hardest as the sun was now on me.  If no markers can be seen, small cairns mark the route.  The final climb will bring you out above the new harbour area with wonderful views of Içmeler and Marmaris.  There are two routes down the mountain: you literally turn left or right depending on whether you want to come out near the sea front or back towards the village.

The walk took me approximately three hours and I consumed four litres of water.  I am quite an experienced climber and walker so found this an enjoyable trek - albeit in 40 degree heat.I   think anyone who is reasonbly fit would find this a very enjoyable walk.

I also did the walk in reverse; this was more challenging as the markers are harder to see.  You also get the sun on you straight away which slows things down a bit.

Finally a few pointers: take plenty of water, wear sturdy shoes or boots, watch out for brambles which are very sharp, try to walk when the temperature is low, take your time and let someone know where you're going.

Rik (UK)

Top Tip Turunç is a superb place to walk but visitors face two problems - lack of good quality, detailed maps and lack of documented walks.

The superb new Turunç Walks website aims to address both of these problems and is completely FREE to use.